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"For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to Him be the glory forever. Amen"

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No crackpot theory but veriest truth

No crackpot theory but veriest truth


No crackpot theory but veriest truth

It’s certainly an attention grabber: on such and such a day the world is going to end. There are always some, too, who sincerely believe it. They talk about it, plan for it, anticipate it with a variety of emotions, and expect that it’s really going to happen. But it doesn’t. It never does (or I wouldn’t be sitting writing this column). The world continues on as it has done from the beginning.

It has always been astonishing to me that anyone claiming to be speaking on behalf of Christianity and the Bible would announce the date of the end. I feel like asking them (politely of course), “Have you never read what Jesus said?” He insisted that the only person in the universe who knew the day and the hour was his Father in heaven. Shouldn’t that quash all temptation to claim, “It’s going to happen on _______”? Let’s have a little humility here.

And let’s have a little concern for the credit of Christianity. Crackpot theories about the end of the world on this or that particular day do immeasurable harm. Bible-believing Christians want the world to share their faith because they know the Bible to be true. Don’t make our task of persuasion more difficult by giving people the impression we are fools.

But if it is arrogant to name the day, it is simple fidelity to our fellow sinners to declare that a last day will dawn. That is no crackpot theory but veriest truth. We may not know when it will arrive. Arrive, however, it shall. As this world had a first day so it will have a final one. Here are some of the facts.

It will be the day of Jesus’ return. As certainly as Jesus came once, so he will one day come again. Unbelievable? Jesus made it a matter of repeated promise, and there is no one more faithful to his word.

It will be the day of resurrection. All who are in their graves will hear the voice of the Son of God and rise to life again. Sound incredible? Be assured that the God who made the universe and gives life to all will have not the slightest difficulty in reconstructing our bodies and breathing new life into them.

It will be the day of final judgment. God “has set a day when he will judge the world with justice” (Acts 17.31), and all the world will be there for it. Everyone? No exceptions. We’re all going to have our day in court. Deny God’s very existence as you may, you will one day stand before him.

It will be the day when destinies are fixed forever. For one portion of the human race the issue of the last day will be a welcome into the enjoyment of eternal life. For the rest (and there’s nothing in the world more solemn), it will mark the beginning of eternal punishment. Scary? Definitely.

It is a day for which God tells us to get ready. In view of the approaching judgment his command is that all people everywhere repent (Acts 17.30). Sin need not eternally ruin us. Nor will it if we turn from it to God, seeking his mercy and forgiveness through Christ. To all such God graciously promises mercy. And God will keep his promise.

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